Welcome to week 33 of the Covid-19 tracker. Many thanks to everyone who took part. We really appreciate it.
We were glad to hear from a lot of you that you have been finding this survey and results useful! Thank you!
As we are moving this survey to a monthly basis, the next update will be in a few weeks’ time but before we do that, here is a summary of how things have been since we started the survey.

As time goes on, predictably, more and more people’s health and wellbeing has been affected either their own or that of people they know – it is at 69% with only 31% not touched by this.
However, last week specifically we saw drops in the percentage of people concerned (59% down to 54%) and angry (36% to 33%). A slight rise in feeling hopeful from 16% to 21%. Has the news of the vaccine getting closer raised spirits or the thought of Christmas after the current lockdown?
The job situation seems unchanged in the last week but here is a trend over time.

The trend showing government handling of the pandemic is an increase of those who think they are doing badly overtime. We have plateaued on the disaster rating just below 30%.

This may be an easier summary to look at (we have grouped top ratings, bottom rating and mid ratings). You can clearly see an increase in blue (doing badly) and decrease in green (doing well) over time.

The introduction of the lockdown means that the government has finally improved your perception of the speed of dealing with the pandemic.

On the guest question this week we seem to have some consensus that health comes before the economy and that the lockdown is the right measure. You trust the scientists more than the politicians on that. We concede to the latest lockdown in the hope of saving Christmas and remain positive overall about the vaccine!

Wishing you health and positivity!


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