Welcome to the findings for week forty-five of our Covid tracker survey. There are some signs, we think, of people getting a bit bored. Not just of the survey - but really every single thing to do with Covid. So, we’ll keep the comments short this time around. But please hang on in there. Realistically the “smart money” was always going to be on this lasting into the Spring and the “hard miles” are now behind us. So, be as positive as you can be in the circumstances and let’s all hope that we can get back to something closer to normal in the Summer.

That said - we do need to pause for a moment and remember those who have passed away. We’re very sad to have to report that fully 20% of you now report knowing somebody who has died as a result of Covid. This is up from 18% 4 weeks ago and 16% before Christmas so it’s pretty shoicking. Plus we have to add “Captain Tom” to the list of people the horrible virus has taken from us.

At least we can report that the job situation seems to be stable. There’s virtually no change from a month ago. Clearly that’s not great news - but at least that aspect of life isn’t any worse - and we are beginning to see some light ahead of us. In fact, let’s leap ahead to that. In the latest figures 13% of you reported you’ve now had a vaccination and a further 5% have an appointment. We do have a few of you that have refused a vaccine (but only 1%) and a further 4% who intend to refuse. Probably next time we should ask those people a bit more on their reasons as that would be interesting to understand.

Presumably the vaccine programme is a major reason why the emotions you are feeling have changed yet again? Generally the negative emotions are down this month and the positive ones are up. For example, “Hopeful” is back to 38% (from 32% last month and 21% before Christmas). Both “Pragmatic” (20%) and “Stoic” (16%) have seen a 2 point increase as well. On the other hand “Concerned” is back down to 49% (from 56% last time) and “Angry” is down to 27% (from 31%). Slightly more concerning, though, is that we now have 19% of you who are “Lonely”. That’s up a lot from the 13% of you four weeks ago and we think is probably to do with everything seeming to drag on at the moment. Also “Desperate” remains worryingly high at 10% - so, maybe that’s a timely reminder for everyone to reach out to friends and relatives? 

On balance, though, the emotional position is much better than it was. That probably then plays into how you are feeling about the Government? Your views on them have got better again this month. It’s still not great but roughly back to how you felt in week 13 (the middle of June). You still (on balance) think they’re moving too slowly - but not as much so as the last two surveys.

Finally, how did you answer our guest questions this month? Well 70% of you disagree with the strategy of delaying the second dose of the vaccine. A similar number want punishments to be harsher for those who break the rules (50% much harsher and 26% a bit harsher) almost all of the rest (18%) think the current punishments are ok. So, hardly any of you want the Government to be more lenient. In terms of the return of schools - 13% want schools back as soon as possible and 61% “only when it’s safe” - the remaining 25% thought March sounded about right.

Ok - that’s it for this survey. Stay safe.

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