After a four week break we are back with some news from our week 37 of the Covid-19 tracker. Many thanks to everyone who took part. We really appreciate it.
And what a difference this week! The launch of the UK Covid vaccination programme has clearly lifted everyone’s spirits!

Feeling hopeful has gone from 26% to 46% within the last month. Concern has gone down from 54% to 39%. And those feeling angry is down from 39% four weeks ago to 21% now. These are the biggest changes we have seen since the start.

Correlated with that is the positive shift in how you think the government is doing with 16% rating them high and a further 43% as OK. 41% still maintain that their performance is a disaster or close to it. We also register the highest percentage since start thinking that the government’s speed of response to the pandemic is “about right” – 37% compared to only 28% a month ago.

The majority of you feel positive about the vaccine and it clearly signifies a major breakthrough since the start, however, there is more to do still, so we should not yet abandon social distancing and extra hygiene just yet. It will take time to roll out the vaccinations but scientists predict that once the most vulnerable have been protected, the rate of infection will decrease significantly and lives might be able to go back to normal.

There has been a lot of positive feedback to the vaccine, with 50% of you ready to take it immediately and a further 15% once some others have taken it and 25% probably with evidence of safety. Only 11% have definite concerns or would refuse.

It seems that anti-vax conspiracies have not completely taken over the internet despite some people thinking that it is a mass chip implantation programme by Bill Gates in order to control world population.

Interestingly, of those who see anti-vax information “all the time” on social media, 61% would still take the vaccine immediately, so clearly, all the negative information had little effect, though did result in lots of funny memes.

We will run the  survey again in the new year, but for now, stay safe and healthy!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

Your Talkinsights team.

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